Windows Vs Mac Vs Linux – A Complete Comparison

Windows Vs Mac Vs Linux – A Complete Comparison

Windows Vs. Mac Vs. Linux – A Complete Comparison. With so many Operating Systems (OS) coming in the market, many times it becomes difficult to choose the best one you want to go with. Different individuals have different choices & preferences regarding the choice of Operating Systems.  Also, different Operating Systems offer different features & utilities. We also need to balance the Cost of particular Operating System & the benefit derived out of it.
Here, we have made a complete analysis of the most popular Operating Systems viz.  “Windows, Mac & Linux”.

We have properly analyzed the benefits, cost, pros & cons of each of them thoroughly so that we can help you decide the best one for you.  So, kindly have a look & instantly grab the best OS for you.


Windows Vs. Mac Vs. Linux – A Complete Comparison

Introduced on November 20, 1985, MS Windows is a graphical operating system which is now
dominating the OS market with about 90% shares.
Mainly used by 90% of desktops and PCs, it is well known for its user-friendliness and great hardware support.

This OS is very easy to install but it does not offer the users to modify its features.
Windows Explorer can be handled with more ease and offers copying and pasting of files using keyboard shortcuts very easily.
Windows offers a huge diversity regarding the availability of best utility and application software’s and programs.
This is highly prone to malware and viruses and hence requires Anti Virus and Anti Malware software.
It offers great flexibility and better customization. Windows GUI provides a picture oriented interface.
Windows OS gives the best gaming performance and it can be pair up with any device and it will work smoothly.
It comes with many accessories and software programs, such as utilities and media player.
It has some essential features including Windows Live, Windows Search, Windows Updates and Windows Taskbar.


Windows Vs. Mac Vs. Linux – A Complete Comparison

Apple has developed a series of Macintosh Operating Systems in 1988, called Mac OS, it was the first successful GUI based OS.
It can only be installed on Apple computers and offers great stability because the system uses less processing speed.
Mac does not offer a huge diversity of software’s due to low user base as compared to Windows.
These OS are less prone to malware and software’s crashing as it only runs on Apple computers.
Mac OS is expensive than Windows OS and does not provide a wider scope for programs and utilities.
It does not offer Objective C developers (language Mac uses) as compared to the languages Windows and Linux are capable of interpreting.
MacOS Keynote application is very simple to use as compared to MS Although MacOS is embedded with many special features and utilities, it does not give a very nice gaming experience.


Windows Vs. Mac Vs. Linux – A Complete Comparison

Linux is free and Open Source Operating System i.e. you can install it without recurring any costs.
This OS provides an infinite range of free applications for use on Linux machines.
Although it is an open source OS, it is less prone to malware and viruses as compared to Windows OS.
Linux utilities are updated frequently compared to other OS and thus enhances the security.
This OS is exceptionally stable as the system uses less processing power.
Linux OS offers a variety of Distros (Distributions) so one can be able to find the one that suits our taste.
Though having a large community source applications are available on Linux, it is not for professional works due to low customer base.
Linux OS is yet to release some of the hardcore games but as compared to Windows or Mac.


Windows Vs. Mac Vs. Linux – A Complete Comparison

There is no doubt that Microsoft Windows is enjoying a dominant position in the Operating System Market, we cannot deny the contribution of Mac & Linux to the OS industry. MS Windows turns out to be the most reliable Operating Systems for front end users.
But for developers & Programmers, Linux is one of the best choices as it provides you to develop your customized applications, & that too, absolutely free of cost. For people with Limited use, Mac OS turns out to be the best. It offers all the basic functionalities of an ideal Operating System and is also very less prone to viruses and other malware’s.

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  1. Which is better?A 90,000 macbook or a 90,000 windows laptop?I am a fresher in IIT Delhi.Please tell me.

    1. A MacBook will be good for You as it provides the best stability. Which generally help the students and the majority of IIT students use Mackbook Air.

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