CopyScape Plagiarism Detection Check Content Originality

CopyScape Plagiarism Detection Check Content Originality

Copyscape is an online service which can help to find out who is copying your content. As we know Google takes a copy content spam seriously but sometimes due to the change in its algorithm most frequently, Google can’t detect the duplicate article. The person who copies your blog article to rank his/her website on the top can be bought up to great trouble just by reporting his website to WordPress, blogger, etc. Copyscape is an online service which will let you find who is copying your blog post and using RSS feed to create an auto RSS blog.

Many times Google may treat copied content original, and you might lose search engine ranking because of copied content.SO, How to prevent the plagiarism of content, the blog that copies your material, and where Copyscape enters the picture.

How can you use Copyscape?

Copyscape offers free as-well-as premium user experience to start with. I recommend to go for the free version and if required, you can add on the premium function of this Copyscape software.

Let’s go to Copyscape homepage and type your blog URL address and hit the GO button.

CopyScape Plagiarism Detection Check Content Originality

On this page, we can find the intruder who has copied our blog post. Now try to find hosting and other detail to report such spam website which is copying content from our blog. Now I can’t afford the premium version of the software while writing this article but soon in the future, I will certainly try its unique version(premium).

This is the video which will help you to explain about Copyscape software:

Once you have found out who is copying and spying regularly on your website/blog, the next task is to report it to web hosting, blogging companies like(Medium, WordPress, Blogger)  & also get it removed from google search.

Do let me know which alternative software you use to Detect Plagiarism to find people copying your blog content?


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