Voting Rights

Hmm...Sometimes I feel proud of being a part of the world’s largest democracy. yeah, it’s non-other than Indian democracy who conducted elections of Lok Sabha on the Largest scale in 2014 as 23.1 million voters participated actively in the elections, which is just only 2.7% of the total eligible voters. This data was quite shocking for us…

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OnePlus 7

The OnePlus 7 Pro could be priced by Samsung and Apple in the flagship league : The Oneplus 7 high rates panel will not only contributes to the gaming performance but also makes overall navigation much snappier and fun.  And because OnePlus has not launched an LCD display on a device in the past, it may well…

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‘ Avengers: endgame ‘ grips India with frenzy, tickets sold out

*BookMyShow has reported selling more than 2.5 million Avengers: Endgame tickets. Avengers: Endgame is about to break records at the box office in India, where it debuts over 2,600 TV screens. Which is the highest ever in a Hollywood film on Friday morning. On Thursday night, BookMyShow ticketing platform reported selling over 2.5 million tickets, the highest…

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